A Warrior's Dance - Album Art Print

  • A Warrior's Dance - Album Art Print

12"x12" PRINT (100 lb cardstock) with Tsunami's hand stamp & wet signature on the back!!

This original artwork, made in correlation to an original piece of music created by Cody "Coflo" Ferreira, is an effort to help raise funds for one of Coflo's Capoeira Mestre's, Mestre Rã.

The digital song can be found at coflo.bandcamp.com, check it out!

Mestre Ra is in need of a procedure for a prolonged ailment of his back. All proceeds from the purchase of this art print will go directly to him for help with his procedure and any other contributing medical expenses. Mestra Rã is a part of a long standing Capoeira tradition and culture, he has devoted his life to the art and as a result is responsible for contributing to many positive parts of many people's lives. Much of Coflo's love for music and dance stems from this beautiful African-Brazilian art; Capoeira. As a practitioner himself, he is in full support of the beauty and the people spreading the positivity in the art form like Mestre Rã.